Past and Current Research projects:


Adaptive filtering algorithms for system identification applications


M. T. Akhtar, F. Albu, On reducing acoustic feedback and entrainment artifacts in digital hearing aids, Nazarbaev University Faculty Development Competitive Research Grants Program, 2019-2021

F. Albu, F Yang, Adaptive filtering algorithms for system identification applications, 2018-2019


Efficient active noise control implementations for adaptive distributed networks, 2016-2018


Advanced Adaptive algorithms for Digital Hearing Aids, 2011-2016


Methods of Prediction of Infantile Hemangioma Evolution Aimed at Preventing Desfigurating Complications by Multiple Intervention Procedures, 2014-2017


New methods and investigations protocols for the early diagnosis, efficient screening, prognostic and therapy of non-melanoma skin cancers based on existing and novel micro & nano optical tools, 2012-2015


Inteligent Management System, Based On Automated Image And Video Analysis For Pavement And Road Quality, 2014-2016


Intelligent System for Automatic Assistance of Cervical Cancer Diagnosis, 2014-2016


Adaptive noise cancellation methods for multi-channel voice communication systems, 2007-2010


High Speed Logarithmic Arithmetic, EU ESPRIT, 1999-2002


Multimodal Human-Computer Interactive, EU ITN, 2004-2005


Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies, EU IST, 2004-2005